Main stage

The newly renovated stage area at the Club Pro provides a modern, ever changing backdrop for innovative and exciting live performances.


Main stage with Martini Bar on right.

A large rotating platform, stainless steel poles, lit stairways, giant mirrors, and constantly morphing shapes and colours will draw your complete attention to the stage area, with a well-stocked Martini Bar on the right.


Main stage from the Martini Bar

You can view the main stage right from our well-stocked Martini Bar.


Main stage and main bar area

Martin intelligent lighting, wash lights, studio spots and a YAG laser provide a constantly changing mood and atmosphere to the stage and the performers.

It is all driven by a state of the art computer controlled audio system made up of components by Crown, Rane, and Electro Voice.

For the audiophile aficionado, you will thoroughly enjoy the experience of watching some of the most beautiful dancers in the world while feeling the pulse of the music the dancer is in tune with.

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